Thursday, May 29, 2008

Colorado - Fiber Mecca?

I went to Creede, CO over Memorial Day. The most incredible camp site ever because it has its own LYS. A camp site. With an LYS. Camp Site. LYS.

I bought 3500 yards of tapestry yarn (virgin wool) , five hanks, each in a different and lovely hugh of blue.

The shop is owned by Teri Inman. Just google her name, and you'll learn she is a very accomplished weaver. She is going to offer classes in all of the obvious fiber skills, plus Arashi Shibori dyeing! Oh, my lord her stuff is gorgeous. Too bad it is a 6 hour drive from Boulder to Creede, or I would totally hang out there all of the time and take all of her classes. The shop is called Bristol Yarnworks Studio and is truly amazing, with a view of the river. Any yarnee passing through MUST STOP in to see it. (Did I mention she raises her own herd of cashmere goats?!)

I immediately cast on the candle flame shawl in the darkest color of my tapestry yarn, as Teri advised that I start with the darkest and move up to the lightest, sequentially. The candle flame was chosen because it is very flexible for size (just quit whenever you want) and it handles color changes beautifully. (Just take a look on Ravelry, and you'll find a gazillion beautiful candle flame shawls, both solid and multi-colored.)

Yesterday, I stopped by B&N and bought "Folk Shawls" by Cheryl Oberle. She lives in Denver! I'm so excited she has included a Rebozo! And a Kimono Shawl! I just had to have the book when I discovered it during my search for a shawl pattern for the tapestry yarn. I have it here at my desk and keep flipping through it, longing to touch the shawls in the photos.

With Ann Budd in Boulder, Cheryl Oberle in Denver, Teri Inman in Creede, and Sally Mellville popping in annually to catch some slopes, Colorado is proving an excellent place to carry on a knitting addiction. I'm so lucky!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh la la. I love those pretty blue colours you chose. My eyes are always drawn to anything in a blue shade. I am feeling jealous that there aren't such fab offerings in my neck of the woods.