Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ann Budd Toe-Up Sock Class -or- "Toe-Up-Upside-Down-Wavy-Lace-Koigu"

That's right, I ditched work last Thursday to attend Ann Budd's toe-up sock class. What a great lady. There was much laughter and learning, and yes, I am almost finished with my first real sock. (We made a baby sock in class.)

I splurged on Koigu (sp?) in a black/brown (Taupe?) color, and since I bought the 'Favorite Socks' book for Ann to sign, I used the wavy lace pattern. Sort of. I'm thinking the pattern is upside down because I ran into that realization on the baby Kimono when I tried to knit a 'banana leaf' panel - but the Kimono is knit from the neck down! Yes, the banana leaf was upside down and I opted for vine lace instead. (also upside down, but it isn't a obvious for vine lace;)

Um. So my banner should say : Living and Knitting Upside Down in Boulder.

Anyway, my first "Toe-Up-Upside-Down-Wavy-Lace-Koigu" sock is turning out amazingly soft and lovely, very much satisfying my addiction at the moment.

I am looking at the workshops for Estes Park wool market


and if I were going to sign up, I would have a very difficult time deciding between these workshops: Steeking, Crochet, Double Knitting. I decided to pass this year and hopefully join the fun on Saturday or Sunday. I'll pet me some Llamas and buy me some yarn, if it all works out right.


Paul said...

I love your picture of the flatirons! I went to school in Boulder, so it really takes me back!

jamie said...

Thanks, Paul! My husband took the shot, you probably guessed it was someone more talented than the person who took the craptastic photos of the knitting itself. (Me). I forwarded your note and link to him. What a compliment coming from a photographer! He is an avid amateur photographer.