Friday, June 6, 2008


Get this. I'm sitting at my LYS knit-night and this occurs during introductions:

"I'm Kristi and I'm knitting this sock, it is something close to Cookie's Monkey pattern - I have more time than I thought, she only needs it by Thursday."

And I'm like:

"Cookie? How did you get a test knit gig with Cookie?"

And she's like:

"She's my best friend. We blog together."

And I'm thinking: "I'm talking to another local knitting rockstar, aren't I?"

So my ears are totally perked up to see if I can find anything else out about this knitting rockstar while I sit and knit my. candle. lame. shawl. Yes, no "f" because as nice as Kristi is, she has to be thinking: Candle flame shawl. How lame.

So I bring up Ravelry, and I say something to the effect that, yes I have heard of Cookie, and know about the Monkey pattern and isn't Ravelry the bomb? And I forget how I learn this, because this is all just no big deal to Kristi at all, but somehow, she ends up mentioning the froot loop sock. I love the frootloop sock. I love the pictures of all the frootloops lying on the floor around her feet. So I'm like really excited at this point, and I can feel my voice getting really loud, telling Ms. Thing that when we get home, I have to show her the frootloop sock on line, and she's going "My mom is a frootloop so these socks will suit her just fine."

Meanwhile, Ms. Thing is bonding more with Kristi than I am being that they both agree that spinning is way more fun than knitting. And its totally no fair, because Ms. Thing has never even heard of the frootloop sock.

Now, to top this all off, I logged into Ravelry yesterday for the first time since Monday (I had access from work until about a month ago -- Why the heck is Ravelry categorized as a personals/dating site?) And I have a PM waiting there. Um. From. Kristi. She found me. She looked for me. All I had time to do in the meantime, was go and look at her blog and fall in love with this.
So as soon as candlelame is done, lookout needles. You are going for a ride.

I know it is stupid of me to put a link here to a sock that everybody and their dog is knitting, but it also feels stupid not to at this point.

Kristi, if you come across this post, Um. Hi! Hi. How's it going? Tries to act normal.


Kristi said...

Oh, I came across it :)

You're so sweet! I totally love you and Ms. Thing, and I think the shawl you are knitting is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you at Shuttles in the future, and maybe even elsewhere in the neighborhood!

Jamie said...


V said...

Wow, you really are surrounded by knitting rockstars. Lucky!

I have always loved Sarcelle so much, and I think it would look amazing in some of the beautiful blue yarn you just got.

Kat said...

Love this post. Reading your blog is giving me more and more reasons to visit Colorado. Good luck with your shawl.

jamie said...

Coming from an artist, yes, I think I'll take your advice and use some of the light blue. Maybe I'll bring it to knit night and ask Kristi about whether the texture will work. (Just gloating - that I can do that ;)

Your Sutra-ness,
You come visit any time. I'll let you know how the Estes Park Wool market is, and maybe you can plan a trip for next summer! (Unless you are in India;)