Monday, March 10, 2008

Sushi and Comedy

Since I filled my real birthday weekend (next weekend) with knitting classes (Sally Melville!) Michael felt he had to take me out tonight instead. Nothing to do with the fact that Chris Rock was in town tonight. And Chris Rock is his all time favorite. OK. I laughed too. We also had sushi at Sushi Den. Um, the one in Denver, not the one in Fukuoka-City.

That reminds me....only a week and a half until we leave for Tokyo! (And Okinawa!) Maybe I should start packing my yarn and needles. (I suppose I will need clothes as well.)


Rachel said...

There are very few things I love as much as knitting. Sushi is riiiiiiiiiiight up there though!

Parrot Green Fun said...

jamie: Hi Rachel! Yeah, I tried soft shell crab and raw scallop both for the first time, and they were both delicious. My fave is Hamachi.

oni said...

You are going to Japan! I am so envious!
You have to blog everything about it!