Sunday, January 18, 2009

I passed. I'm so glad its over.

So I'm way pregnant at this point, and my company offered the opportunity to become PMP certified at no cost to me, and in this economy, it seemed really worth it. I studied my butt off, and scheduled the test as early as I could because I'm not getting any smaller, and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible during the test. On Friday, I passed. 200 of the most complicatedly worded multiple choice questions in 4 hours, and I passed. I'm so happy. My reward to myself, was yarn, of course, but with it, just a little something extra -- a new LYS opened up maybe a year ago or so, and I have not let myself go because they carry Malibrigo, and I have heard so much about it..the crack cocaine of yarn-- and I'm, like, afraid of crack cocaine. But, yes, I hopped on over, fondled all of the Malibrigo that I have never had the pleasure of fondling before, and purchased two hanks of 'natural' 50/50 merino silk Malibrigo. I casted on for a scarf in my Alterknits book, which is the same 'natural' cream color. I've been in heaven.

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Julia O'C said...

Congratulations! You totally deserved that Malibrigo!