Friday, January 9, 2009

How I found myself knitting with dpn's on the bus this morning

Last year, I took a class from Ann Budd, who asked us to purchase the Fall '07 Interweave Knits issue as course material for learning to knit toe-up socks.

In early December, ms. thing was looking through the magazine and asked for some spiral boot socks. With all the Christmas knitting I had, I wasn't able to cast on until a couple of weeks ago, and since ms. thing was still at her father's home for the Holidays, I knitted about two inches and then stopped to wait for a fitting.

I've been working on the Starsky Jr. sweater on the bus because it is knitted on an Addi Lace circular needle and not dpn's, (much safer from a 'holding onto your needles' standpoint with regards to bus kniiting) but ms. thing informed me that I can 'forget about the sweater because I want my boot socks a lot more'. She got some boots for Christmas. I asked her if they were cowboy boots and she said, "Mom, when you have a horse and ride it all the time, you just call them boots." So, yes, they are cowboy boots to me. (She has a horse at her dad's house.)

So that is how I found myself knitting very carefully with dpn's on the bus this morning.

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