Thursday, August 21, 2008

insomnia and not so coolpix

Man, its so late its early. 4:48 am. I woke up around 2. My blog is lacking photos big time. Where is my camera? In the top drawer of my dresser. Where is the memory card? In the second drawer of the desk in the foyer. OK. Be right back.

OK. so I have this Nikon Coolpix S1. It clearly is not going to produce a beautiful blog for me. Here are the shots:

There are 400 photos on the memory card, and a 'wizard' won't let me 'deselect' all of the photos so I can then select the 5 shots I want. Well, want is a strong term. The 5 shots which will demonstrate why I'll never have a beautiful knitting blog.

The wizard is on photo 110 now..............


While I'm waiting, I'll take this opportunity to complain about the interface screen which blogger provides. Boring! Totally uninspiring! I've been known to carefully fill my pilot vanishing point fountain pen with avocado colored ink and write thoughtfully and ever so slowly and beautifully across the fine lined slightly tinted pages of a leather bound journal. I'd love the option of choosing a nice background while I type into this thing. But I'm a cheapo, and won't pay for a fancier blogging provider. So you get what you pay for, I guess, which brings me back to my coolpix:

I guess the last one isn't so bad. Did that bobble poke you in the eye? I'm sorry. This is a retainer case I'm knitting for Ms. Thing, who now has two retainers. I had one retainer at 16 and she has 2 at 10. A ten year old is not going to hold on to two retainers for two years no matter how many bobbles I knit into this lovely (artyarns) retainer case pouch, but a mom's gotta try her best.

The stitch is the lorgnette cable from Barbara Walker's 2nd treasury.

OH yeah, Ms. Thing is back from her summer break, and I'm loving that she has returned. 5th grade is going well so far. (2 days in.) I'll keep you posted.


Luni said...

The photos look like the ones I get with my much fancier (read, more $ but still not slr) camera. The one thing that has saved my blog from my inept photo skills is Picasa. I both download photos and edit them with it, then post directly to blogger.

Robyn said...

If you want really cool backgrounds, you can try pyzam. They're free, although if you use them, save your menus and stuff elsewhere first or you might lose them. Hope that helps!