Monday, August 11, 2008

Is Frankensteiny a word?

I chose some coral beads for my candle flame shawl, so the same color scheme as light turquoise native jewelry with coral inlay, and I like it. I'm feeling a time crunch, as I have not finished the right 'shoulder' of the shawl and still have the left side to do, and Marcy is headed back to Chicago in a week! Also, it is coming out a bit stripey. I find myself wondering if I can find a crash course in embroidery to soften the color boundaries with some interesting embelishment. Overall, it is feeling a bit frankensteiny right now, the peril of an inexperienced garment designer...I only want to be a knitter! ( So then, why didn't you follow the freaking P-A-T-T-E-R-N? :) Because I can't follow a pattern, it is way too boring. Or at least, I can't follow a triangle pattern. Maybe something more interesting would be follow-able.

At the very least, Marcy can drape it over a chair in a lesser used room. Since she likes the color blue, she might not mind using it in this way. But I really had hoped to make her something she could wear to a book signing or art opening, as she has that type of a dream come true life. sigh.

Hopefully, I can do a photo shoot of it soon, just to document that I knitted this collosal thing.

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Luni said...

The word you are looking for might be Frankenknitty? One of my Frankenknit creations is my favorite wrap for chilly mornings.