Friday, July 18, 2008

Spicy Red Tank, More Blue Flames

On the Knitting front:

I am knitting a tank top made of Solo Silk (50% Silk 50% Wool - single ply) from Brooks Farm. I bought it at the Estes Park Wool Market, mid June. The closest thing on their site that looks like the yarn I'm using is their Tomato Rose Solo Yarn (100% wool).

As I knit, this yarn reminds me sometimes of red chile and sometimes of cinnamon. It is hot spicy latina sass either way. :)

My tension is 7 stitches to the inch on US2 Addi Turbos. To make the math work out, I have chosen a 3X1,2X1 ribbing from waist to chest. I took the measurement at the lowest point where I want the tank to hang, multiplied by 7, and casted 280 stitches, joining for round knitting. I have four markers, one at each side and one at center front, one at center back. I did this because I am doing 2X1, 3X1 from side to center, then mirroring with 3X1, 2X1 from center to side, and the same thing on the back side. Waist shaping: When the work was a few inches long, I decreased on the front side of the markers leaning toward the front, so beginning the row with ssk, and ending the row with k2tog, for seven rows, removing 2" from the circumference. I continued, to a point where I want to now start knitting the chest in a cable design. I found some beautiful asymmetrical cables in BW2nd Treasury that work across 15 stitches. I took the work off of the needles enough to try on the tank and I'm loving how it is coming out. Except for the fact that my rib cage just under my chest is a lot smaller around than the inches provided by the 266 stitches I have on the needles right now. I want to wear the tank over an oxford type shirt, and so I want the bust to be fitted. What do I do? Decrease the four inches over a mall number of rows? Rip back a few inches to accommodate an even decrease? Or calculate an even decrease of the four inches I need to reduce, and live with a longer tank? I like option 3. Thanks for helping me sort this all out.

So: Decrease by 28 stitches, beginning the row with SSK, SSK, ending the row with K2tog, K2tog, over 7 rows. Then start cabling! Can't wait!!

As far as the deep V goes, I ran into the exact same problem as the woman who opted to make a vest out of it (consult Ravelry): the sleeve caps were way to short for the armhole. Really, I was 23 rows short, and there are only 25 rows in the sleeve cap, so it was off by half, or double, or however you want to think of it. I'm opting to reknit the sleeve caps, adding an extra full row such that 23 total rows are added. I knitted all of the pieces and then used the needle to cast on the red tank, so I either am going to splurge on an Addi US2 Lace, or wait until the red tank is done to reknit the sleeve caps.

The candle flame shawl is crawling along during my bus commute of 80 minutes per day, and I think will look lovely once blocked. I'm running out of the second lightest blue, and have three blues to choose from for the most prominent part of the shawl, which will wrap around the front to hug my friend Marcy. I think I might just let her choose. I'm thinking of some light beading for this portion but can't decide between turquoise or a contrasting color, like cinnabar. Mmmm. Cinnabar sounds yummy!

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