Friday, March 7, 2008

Too much silver 'fiber'

Hey there. I had to frog a hat today. Is frog the same thing as rip? I had to rip out five inches, leaving the small amount of ribbing and maybe an inch of stockinette. It is made of panda wool, a bamboo/merino mix, and it is really really nice fingering weight joy. I simply made the hat too shallow, and since I was already frogging, I went ahead and ripped to a small mistake I had made. I'm making this hat because I'm seeing more silver 'fiber' growing out of my head than I can yank these days, and I have a devious plan to knit up tons of pretty little skull caps so that I don't have to deal with it. Yeah, that'll work.

Goodnight. It is late.

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The Happy College Knitter said...

Sad for yanking! I can't wait for my hair to turn. There is a woman I work for who has the most absolutely GORGEOUS silvery hair ever. I know I'm kind of alone on being into that (opposed to most women), but I think it's beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing your hat :)