Saturday, March 1, 2008

I wish I were a better knitter.

I am really inspired by the theme of the latest post from Vickilicious. It is comforting to know a better knitter out there has re-thought several of her pattern choices, and remapped yarn she already has. I can do that! (I think.)

I'm a bit more scattered, though. For instance, I have five balls of a lovely rust/teal mix merino and have started no fewer than three different projects. Liesel was the latest. The yarn is too dark for that stitch pattern, though. Having worked about five inches, I have to squint to see the leaves, and so it just isn't right.

I love that many Jeanie knitters have chosen dark colors like charcoal, with beautiful results. So no problem, right? Jeanie it is. The pattern is a bit of a stretch technically. I've never done dropped stitches, and I've done cables, once. I have Jillie's Post to refer to for encouragement. Here is the paralyzing question: Do I really want a shawl of any type right now? And rust? Rust is better for Autumn knitting.

What do I really want to make?

The answer is: A springtime cardigan. I have 1000 yards of pure natural worsted white silk from Sarah's Yarns.

Why do I have this silk? Because I wanted to make Forecast. Except, using a springtime fiber. Well, after playing with the yarn a bit, I realized that silk doesn't exactly behave the same way wool does. If I were a better knitter, I would have known this and, say, ordered the cashmere/silk blend for about the same price. LYS lady said that I could get another yarn (wool) to carry with it. another 1000 yards of yarn? Will it even work?

This is why I have been knitting little flowers out of scrap yarn for the past week. And envelopes. And starting blogs and posting to Rants about meatloaf (sort of) on Ravelry instead of knitting.

At least I know what I will do someday with my rust merino, though. (I think.)


The Happy College Knitter said...

Le sigh, that happens to me all the time too! What to make, what to make! I recently frogged an entire lace shawl because I didn't like the way the yarn was draping. It's frustrating sometimes, but it definitely feels good to get it right! :)

MRS MJW said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. You'll improve. My advice is to knit as much as possible. I haven't been knitting that long and if I can improve anyone can. wink.