Tuesday, March 4, 2008

1000 yards of silk

OK, I decided to let the silk just do its thing. I have searched high and low for a stitch pattern or garment pattern that would suit me, and suit the silk and have not found one. I decided I want to go with minimalist modern, which to me means; stockinette tube scarf. I'm going to make one end more like a cowl neck and then increase gradually to make a poncho (a wide tube scarf:) until I run out of yarn. I think the silk will just be beautiful silk, draping nicely, dawning its plain stitches, saying, "look at me! I'm silk! If you have somehow found this page and are reading it, I'll let you imagine what 1000 yards of white worsted silk looks like for a few days, and then check back for a photo! (Has nothing to do with my to-do list being crazy until the weekend. Nothing at all to-do with that :)

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