Friday, October 17, 2008

Dream Trip?

OK, I admit I have a politics addiction. I didn't even know a person could have such a thing until I joined the DNC group on Ravelry and started to follow the mod's blog. I am eating up every sound bite, mostly fed to me by searching youtube for Rachel Maddow and sorting by date, at least, that is my current addiction. And Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report are just, you know, breakfast - the most essential meal of the day.

It all started with Palin's announcement just after the DNC. I remember being excited about the convention, all the energy for Barack just floating around, like fresh air to breathe. I'm asthmatic, so that is like the best thing I can compare with, totally fresh air.

But I wonder if fear feeds addiction, because as soon as I started to hear factoids about Palin, I just started going a little bit nuts. I understand faith. I do. After my divorce, I was the church lady. I went to a 'seeker sensitive' church, with a rockin' band, and I did the powerpoint slides for the main church service, which was on average, about 200 people. I did coffee bar, and pancake breakfast for the seniors. I don't understand shooting animals from planes. I don't. And, being someone who has been lucky enough to travel a bunch, I don't understand not ever having had a passport until your 40's. I know that sounds snobby. I know she is like millions who haven't been as lucky as I have been. I can't get over it. If I had never been any place except for Wasilla my whole life, and was suddenly governor, I would book a trip to Paris. Or, actually, I'd love to just see NYC. My dream trip right now is Turkey. When I was in India, I met a man during a tour to see the Taj Majal, and he said if I was impressed, I must see Istanbul. See what I mean? Does this woman not have a dream trip? What are her dreams? It seems that leader of the world is not among this woman's dreams. She was too busy to see new places? Can't you work that sort of thing into your diplomacy role? Governor's aren't allowed to take a vacation? I know she has a lot of kids, but I took my 10 year old daughter to India and to Japan, to Mexico, to Las Vegas, we road tripped it to Santa Fe, and my two year old has been to Tokyo three times. Plus, I'm sure the governor can find a sitter for a weak to just go and see Paris.

Of all of the reasons to be fearful of this woman becoming President, the not traveling thing is probably the dumbest. It has left the largest impression on me though.

What is your dream trip?

Oh yeah, I'm like almost three months pregnant, and knitting makes me nauseous, I don't know why. Everything I love to do makes me nauseous. Even searching youtube. Thus, no knitting FO's or WIPs stash photos. Boring.


Nancy said...

My dream trip is Egypt. I really want to see the pyramids.

When I was pregnant I couldn't knit a row without falling asleep, sitting up no less! I worked on one blanket the entire pregnancy which was frogged 2 weeks after my son was born and started and completed within a week.

Kat said...

I've been a little news junkie lately too. It goes well with knitting. Could it also be that the country sort of falling apart too? I'm all for women gaining political strides but, Palin seriously scares me too.

Congratulations on the pregnancy! Hope all goes well.