Saturday, March 15, 2008


I expect this to be long and inarticulate. I'm 37. I can tell myself it is my 10th annual 27th birthday celebration, and that was fun for, like, 9 years, but it sounds rather pathetic at this point, I think. So 37 it is.

I can't help but fear 40. I admit it. I don't know why this is. I know nothing horrible is going to happen to me just because I'm 40 "someday" (a la Harry met Sally).

30 - Divorce and Church.
31 - Church.
32 - Dating.
33 - Rode a LOT of roller coasters.
34 - More roller coasters.
35 - Marriage.
36 - Baby. Knitting.
37 - I suppose we will see! Hopefully more knitting. Why the heck did I stop riding roller coasters? Pregnancy? I HAVE to put that back on this year's list!!!

I'd like to say this is the year that I will wake up and take better care of myself. Exercise. Shower. (Ha. Just kidding.)

I'm excited about my class today. I haven't spontaneously combusted yet, and I've been 37 for like six hours, so I think things will be OK. Yeah.

I guess not so long, but plenty inarticulate.


Jacque said...

happy birthday!


Kat said...

Happy Birthday!

If you think flirting around 40 is bad, try being drop kicked into the 50s. 37 is good. I'll take 37. Ride the rollercoasters and eat cake : )


Cassandra said...

Hello you!
You left a message on my blog about this great big birthday you have just celebrated. I hope you had a wonderful day and spent it with the people you love.
Birthdays are a funny thing...I spent my 30th brithday crying in the bathroom. My friends had to go home because I had locked myself in and was feeling sorry for myself. Not good at all, is it?
When I turned 31, it was not a problem. I guess it's corny, but the thing is, you are as old as you feel. I know I am not approaching 40 (yet) and even though I am on the wrong side of 30, I still feel really young! In my head I feel 22!
Plus, you live in a gorgeous part of the world. Go have a play and a climb all over those craggy hills. And yes, ride loads of coasters, too.

MRS MJW said...

Happy belated birthday. I don't know why you stopped riding roller coaster, but I stopped riding them after I got preg with my first child. Something just changed in my body chemistry. I was one of those people that got in line over and over for the same roller coaster and at an amusement park rode only the roller coasters. I actually tried to ride one at Calf. Adventure Disney a few years ago. I was SOOO sick after. I just CAN'T anymore. My eldest child LOVES them. Must be something in the genes.

I'd love to read the book with you. Is it online reading, or do I need to order it? Let me know. I do indeed have one daughter. She's 7.