Sunday, February 24, 2008

To-Do Scarf

I have a scarf idea. Why not wear my daily to-do list around my neck? The idea is to have a base 'thread' with notches, or 'bullet points' representing priority. Modular scarf pieces are moved from left to right (or up/down) as the items are 'completed' or reprioritized.

I only have part of the base chain done so far:

So my first knitting blog post is of crochet. Great start. Although I did pick up and drool over the latest Interweave Crochet, and thought about it a moment....

Back to the topic: The modular scarf pieces are envisioned as swatches of all possibilities of stitches (a good use of remnants, no?), each sandwiching a secret message (using all variations of enclosure mechanisms), written on fabric tape, for simplicity. (And because I don't know how to embroider.) (And that would take too long anyway, I have things to-do! )

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